Manual welding

Manual welding

We would like to inform you that, in 2015, the company Beni Tehing d.o.o. acquired the certificate EN ISO 3834 in the field of welding and the production of welded parts.
Our welders are certified for the welding of black and stainless materials in accordance with Directive PED 97/23/EC

We offer:

  • The production of welded parts up to 5000 kg
  • MIG/MAG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Robot welding and build-up welding
  • Aluminum and stainless steel welding
  • The cutting of sheet metal with the dimensions of 2000x6000 mm with air plasma or acetylene-oxygen
  • Stress relief annealing, sandblasting, and primers
  • The production of pressure equipment
  • Execution of steel structures EN 1090

All of our welders have obtained welder qualifications.

In the event that your company has the need for welding or the production of welded parts, please turn to us with a specific inquiry and we will prepare a quotation for you as soon as possible. We would like to thank you for confidence in advance.

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